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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Menno and I'm a young, enthusiastic photographer. I've been into creativity pretty much since my high school days. Both with music and with photography. I eventually did a study in music, but I always very enthusiastically continued with photography. I have been able to travel to many locations in my youth (perks of having a father who works at KLM...) and have always taken a lot of pictures of nature and cities where we have been.


I still do that with great pleasure, but now I am mainly concerned with portraits, events, concerts and wedding photography. I have been able to participate in larger events such as Teenstreet a few times and have also been able to photograph the necessary shows through my network as a musician. I think it's really cool to capture the story and emotions of both the performer and the audience of an event. I always look for beautiful, unique and striking images. I also like variation very much, which is why I keep exploring different forms of photography. I delved into portrait photography in the recent couple of years and enjoy it immensely. Playing with different forms of lighting, poses, styling and how it all affects a photo are all things I find very interesting and fun!

In addition to all that creativity, I also like to do sports. My father and I go sailing regularly and, as such, we have ended up at the Wadden Islands several times. I also like to go skating in the summer and I enjoy standing on a snowboard high in the mountains in the winter.

I hope you got to know me a little better.

If you're intested in a shoot, check out my portfolio and services.

I look foward to meeting you soon!

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